Themeshaker: the New and Improved Way of Searching for a Perfect WordPress Theme

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You might have been wondering why it was so calm and quiet at WPDressing lately? Of course, there is a solid reason for that, and it is time to reveal what’s behind the curtain.

For the past three months we’ve been intensely working on an amazing new project that will ease the lives for all the WordPressers. We proudly introduce to you Themeshaker – a WordPress theme search at its best. But let’s start from the beginning.

It is always exciting to get a new look to your blog or website. What’s not so exciting, but rather tiring – is to search for all the available options and pick the One. There are thousands of WordPress themes scattered around the web. Some of them are free, while others are premium. Some of them are highly professional, while others are still amateur level. Some of them are pretty amazing, while others are – to be honest – rubbish. But what’s most important – they are all over the web!

To find the one or several potential candidates you need to visit dozens of different websites and directories. It is a time consuming task to do. WPDressing always tries to facilitate your job by providing comprehensive lists of top WordPress themes in various niches (e.g. Dark WordPress Themes for Bands & Musicians). However, that’s still not a solution.

When you need something specific (e.g. a WordPress theme with a flexible homepage or a fullscreen portfolio style), you still end up looking at dozens of other WordPress themes that do not have those particular features you need. While WPDressing is perfect for inspiration or getting to know the latest themes, Themeshaker is aimed at the search itself.

Don’t waste your time anymore! offers you a brand new and improved way of searching for a perfect WordPress theme. It is easy, intuitive and fast.

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The application lets you to filter WordPress themes by different categories (blog, e-commerce, news & magazine, portfolio, etc.), styles (creative, fullscreen, minimalist, vintage, etc.), layouts, features and price. Also, you decide on how you would like use filters by choosing a preferred filtering mode. Choose “match all” to be exact, or “match any” – to join various categories and features together.

Themeshaker presents you with the search results instantaneously – no annoying reloads needed. Thanks to its functional grid layout you can get a first impression of the search results by looking at the thumbnails of the themes (and you can change its size using the options bar!). To get more information about the theme you like, hover on its thumbnail or click for even more detailed information.

An inner page for each theme will provide you with a description along with its larger image and main features. If you like what you see, click the “Purchase” button, if not sure – look at the suggestions at the bottom of the page.

Easy, right? Go ahead, check and see for yourself. Happy Browsing!

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Telecom engineer, passionate about technologies, web developing and cooking. I celebrate every new WP feature, give warm applause to every theme release. My enthusiasm occasionally loses the battle against various undesirable internal and external stimulus, such as moodiness, false advertising, etc. I invented a character called Suspicious Mind to deal with the following occurrences. Find me on Google+

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    1. 10% of all themes at Themeshaker are free. I think it’s a reasonable amount, considering the numbers of free and premium themes released. I can assure you that all of the best free WordPress themes will be added. Themeshaker team is planning on releasing a few high quality free wordpress themes in the nearest future.

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