Best WordPress Themes for Musicians and Bands

WordPress Themes for Musicians

WordPress has always been user-friendly and together with a wide range of WordPress themes for musicians and bands, it has also become musician-friendly. Theme developers have released many different products, because they know that each of you may have your own specific requirements for a website.

We prepared a complete list of the best WordPress themes around, so all you have to do now is to pick your favorite and have a successful online presence as a musician or a band. By purchasing one of the themes you will get a great modern design and many built-in customization options to make it unique. They are compatible with the latest WordPress version and features a lot of good stuff a band might need.

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How to have a successful online / social media presence as a band — 7 tips from Foxhound


First off, we’re Foxhound — a digital age creative studio created and run by Jared and I. We specialize in design, web, branding, motion, apps, marketing, photography, illustration, social media miscellany, etc. We’re a boutique firm that takes care of everything for young tech startups and the music industry.

We’ve been doing a lot of work with musicians and a recording studio in the past little while and we’ve learned a fair amount about what it takes to make it as a band in the age of torrented cds and social media from our side — the marketing and design side. And we’ve been on the other end of it too, or at least Jared has, as the starving musicians touring the country in broken vans.

We’re both musicians and passionate about music, and we’ve just just started up a band together called Unlovable. Hopefully by the time you’re reading this post we’ve got some free music and videos out there, but at the time I’m writing this we have 0 songs recorded, a one-word website, and 24 Facebook fans. With those inspiring words, on to the good stuff:

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