Be Google+ Visible: 5 WordPress Plugins that Help

Google+ WordPress Plugins

Google+ is a social networking website created — as you might guess — by the Google of search engine fame. It was first launched during the summer of 2011. The website allows members to create personal profiles and then add friends and family to their personal list of contacts. Much like Twitter and Facebook, Google+ also allows members to “follow” individuals that they are interested in knowing more about, such as actors, athletes and other public figures.

The site also allows members to create social “circles” that are comprised of friends, partners or family members in different categories, such as college friends, school groups, extracurricular communities, work groups or other typical social divisions. As with most social networks, members can comment and post items to others’ profiles.

For those who want to increase visibility of their personal or business WordPress blog on Google+, several WordPress plugins can be particularly useful. WordPress is a popular program that allows anyone to create and update a blog; a few tweaks allow you to integrate it seamlessly with Google+.

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