HTML5 WordPress Frameworks: 10 Best for Semantic WordPress Blog Building

HTML5 WordPress Frameworks

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular content management system and when powered by HTML5 based theme frameworks, it becomes very powerful.

There has been a widespread adoption of HTML5 among WordPress developers around the globe, because it allows you to easily incorporate lots of advanced features.

The latest HTML markup version has seen addition of many advanced features such as header, footer, article, nav, aside tags, etc. There are also a whole lot of media elements such as support for video, audio, and a canvas in the markup which can turn your static website or blog into a dynamic one.

To build a dynamic website powered by WordPress and HTML5, you need to choose a good HTML5 framework. This will simplify the process of building a semantic WordPress blog.

10 Best HTML5 Frameworks for Semantic WordPress Blog:


This WordPress theme allows you to easily create unique looking blog. You can customize homepage and post pages. The SEO-friendly AJAX loading of comments and archives as well as drop down navigation menus are already built-in.

What makes this framework so popular is the fact that it is extremely flexible and modular. This theme can offer a blog format, a text-only format and a mobile theme which allows the visitor to access the website in the format which is most appropriate to them.


It is one of the most widely used HTML5 framework in WordPress. The semantic HTML5 markup comes with a canvas for CSS artists and is free to use for commercial and public projects. This allows you to go about your custom theme development.

It has an ultra-minimal set of super-clean templates which will cater to any kind of blogging needs. It doesn’t tie you up to a certain set of theme elements and give you complete freedom to design your blog the way you want. This theme also comes with right to left language support.


It is basically a blank theme or a style-free theme. It aims to help you design your WordPress project. It is equally good for a professional blog as it is for simple website. Among the features that come along with this theme is a semantic HTML5 markup. It also includes jQuery, Modernizr and Analytics to give you a complete blogging solution.

It is a well baked theme which has been improved upon making it one of the most used HTML5 frameworks in WordPress development.


By using this theme you can have more than a blog. The theme is based on Toolbox Starter theme and HTML5 Boilerplate and gives you a rock solid starting platform for crafting a serious website on WordPress.

Among the awesome features that this theme encompasses are Asynchronous Google Analytics, jQuery, dashboard widgets and custom menus. Handcrafted WP is an iOS, Android, Opera compatible CSS skeleton which allows you to reach mobile users. It is supports all the major browsers and allows you to customize post types to meet the exact needs of your business.


WordPress theme Roots is based on HTML5 Boilerplate, Blueprint CSS and Starkers. If you are planning to create a brochure site or blog this is the best theme for you. With this you can easily create homepage and other pages along with amazing permalink and navigation menus. This generates a semantic and clean code which boost up your SEO score.

It is WPML compatible which allows you to create multilingual blogs and it also has additional styling options in the form of Gravity Forms. Two widget areas in the sidebar and the footer are also ready to be used.


An HTML5 WordPress framework Presswork lets you style any theme in a live preview environment without any code knowledge. You can drag and drop to set up your layout in seconds.

In Presswork you can easily customize your website with the help of CSS. There is no requirement to edit the CSS but you can add your Custom CSS which is an additional feature.

It has advanced SEO and scripting features which will take care of all your blog development needs. The scripting feature allows you to add lots of functionality to your blog to make it look attractive and will engage viewers.


This is the perfect starting point for any WordPress blog. True to its name that this is a constellation of features which allows you to develop a highly customized blog or website.

It has a flexible grid system which is bundled in to the HTML5 Boilerplate.

Constellation is popular, because it is highly optimized WordPress framework, written using HTML5. It supports different screen resolution and media queries for different devices adding to the marketability of your blog. You can easily create a multi-column website with this theme.


This is a bare-bones or naked WordPress theme which acts as a launch pad for an advanced WordPress blog or website. This blank slate theme is free of any presentational features and gives you complete control over the looks and feel of your site.

The theme has been constantly developed to take the robust form which has encouraged many developers to use this to make a WordPress blog. You can easily integrate a lot of third party plugins into this theme and make a feature rich WordPress blog by using it.


As the name suggests this theme is a bone or rather the back-bone upon which you can create your WordPress blog. This doesn’t bind you with any pre-developed structure or looks and gives you freedom to develope them.

It has been built around the HTML5 Boilerplate and is immensely detailed. It comes with a highly organized CSS file. The basic features that the starter development kit includes are related posts, page navigation and post thumbnails giving you a simple yet complete solution for developing your blog or website.

It is a highly search engine friendly theme which is also a huge advantage before you get your hands on it.


This HTML5 framework allows you to design powerful, clean, and well-noted WordPress blogs. You won’t need to spend your time on non-intrusive coding as all this is done automatically.

SEO optimized core, speed, usability, mobile support, and multi-lingual features are ready to use for your blog. It has a strong and flexible div structure and is compatible with WordPress 3+, together with the fallbacks for older versions of WordPress.

This theme is cross-browser compatible and follows WordPress CSS coding standards to maintain the performance of your blog at the highest level.

What’s next?

To make best use of these HTML5 frameworks for your WordPress semantic blog you need to make sure your blog is being developed by expert developers. Don’t push your blog into amateur hands to save a few bucks as they will have little impact in the market and won’t guarantee you a return of your investment.

There are a lot of professional web development companies around the world which have expertise in HTM5 frameworks for WordPress and you can cash in on you blog by hiring their services.

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