Flat Design Explained and Illustrated by 14 Best Flat WordPress Themes

Flat Design and Flat WordPress Themes

Flat design is the most popular topic among web designers and developers, including WordPress lovers, this year. It’s fresh, attractive and spreads in the speed of light.

But is it a trend or revolution? A question is worth asking, as the answer to it significantly affects the web community. Investments of valuable resources such as time are at stake. Everybody wants to benefit from the current trend; however, nobody wants a deadly anchor of the trend that has already passed. As the discussions have reached their peak, some authors have already concluded that the era of flat design is not a passing trend, but another step forward. As Damian Madray says:

“… flat design is another necessary step that will facilitate exploration of new design techniques that will take the industry to new heights.“

Knowing the principles behind the flat design and seeing more and more successful examples of it, we must agree.

“In reality, Flat Design is simply an implementation of “Minimalism”Caleb Mellas

But its not that type of minimalism that you are use to. Flat design is colorful, dynamic, and sometimes even bold, yet still clean and simple.

So what features make flat design so exclusive? Let’s run through the core principles of the flat design (an in-depth look into a flat design). In this article, the basic flat design features are illustrated with the best flat WordPress themes available. Ready to be yours!

Flat two-dimensional style

First of all, as the name itself suggests, flat design is based on two-dimensional forms. No added effects such as shadows and gradients that would usually create 3D look on items in skeuomorphic design. Flat design is literally flat. And that’s the beauty of it: simple and elegant interface that has the most impact. Here’s some flat WordPress theme examples:


Generic Theme

Generic is a creative flat WordPress theme with a fully responsive design. It is a great implementation of the flat design and comes with 10 different home pages. Generic theme has a lot of shortcodes, 8 functional custom widgets and 7 different post formats. Generic is a creative flat WordPress theme with a fully responsive design. It is a great implementation of the flat design and comes with 10 different home pages. Generic theme has a lot of shortcodes, 8 functional custom widgets and 7 different post formats.


FlatPack Theme

FlatPack is an attractive flat WordPress theme highly suitable for business portfolio. This theme is designed using two-dimensional style. It comes with a large homepage slider, smaller feature widgets, custom post types and filterable portfolio. FlatPack theme has a fully responsive design, stylish icons which can be used in the menu, and different sidebars for blog, pages and portfolio.


Flat Theme

Flat is a retina ready unique flat WordPress theme. This original portfolio theme has a responsive design, collapsible menu, 2 different homepage layouts, and a contact form builder. Delicately used flat design gives a highly professional look and lets your visitors focus on your work rather than on the design itself. Flat theme also comes with Google font integration, custom blog, services and team sections, and many functional shortcodes.

Simple design and elements

In addition to the 2D look, flat design has an overall minimalistic look with simple elements, such as buttons and icons. It’s important for each element to be intuitive and easy to use (click or tap). That’s another key feature of the flat design. Solid flat design is created using shapes (traditionally its sharp rectangular, although round corners, circles or even triangular are also common), simple, yet eye catching icons, and creative animation (starting from flawless slider transitions to animated content activated by scrolling down the page). Take a look at some great flat WordPress theme examples of such features:


Metro Theme

Metro is a classical flat WordPress theme inspired by Windows 8. This theme applies sharp rectangular shapes and a grid layout to create a memorable flat look. Metro is a responsive and colorful theme. It comes with custom post types, creative portfolio with animated flop-over content, an option of infinite scroll, social media icons and 9 different color schemes.



Hypertext is a powerful flat WordPress theme ideal for any corporate agency, creative studio or personal portfolio website. Its flat and responsive design makes your site easy to use in any devices. Hypertext theme comes with a unique drag-and-drop page builder, 14 powerful widgets, many useful shortcodes and a fully integrated revolution slider.

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Vertex Theme

Vertex is an elegant flat WordPress theme with beautifully animated content that is built for scrolling. It comes with a professional mobile and tablet friendly layout (fully responsive), powerful theme options, a large collection of shortcodes which allow you to create beautiful and complex layouts. Vertex theme also has 8 different page templates and many more useful features.


Forest Theme

Forest is a retina display ready flat WordPress theme with a clean, sharp and customizable design. It has a simple and easy to understand layout hierarchy, creatively designed icons, 6 different page templates, custom widgets and Google web font integration. Forest theme is fully localized and comes with layered PSD files and extensive documentation included.

Focus on colors

Colors are fundamental part of the flat design. Usually color palettes are significantly wider and the colors are more vibrant. Trendy colors such as mint, emerald, peach and purple are very popular among flat designs. Some of the best colors being used in flat design can be found here. Colors not only create a distinctive look of the design itself, they also have a function to help users navigate a site. Grid organization and color contrast are very important in the flat design. See for yourself:


Flat Theme

Flat is a colorful and bold flat WordPress theme powered by the latest technology (HTML5 & CSS3). Each section has its own vivid color helping your visitors easily navigate the site. Flat theme comes with the animated content and various transitional effects. This theme has custom post types, many functional shortcodes and two optional blog layouts (list and grid). It also has 9 colorful theme skins.


HotelMotel Theme

HotelMotel is a stylish and funky flat WordPress theme created to represent you Hotel business. It comes with fashionable colors: there are 6 predefined color schemes and unlimited coloring options. HotelMotel is a responsive theme based on the flexible foundation grid. It also comes with a booking system which is essential for a great Hotel website.

Metro Vibes

Metro Vibes Theme

Metro Vibes is a flat WordPress theme designed with beautiful retro colors (that are also popular in flat design). This theme is best for a creative portfolio website. It has a fully responsive layout – all the elements scale and resize depending on the device it is viewed on. Metro Vibes theme also has a powerful admin options and is easy to customize according to your needs.

AppsPro Tech

AppsPro Tech

AppsPro Tech is a bold and vivid flat WordPress theme with a responsive design. Its bright and eye catching colors will definitely draw your visitors attention. AppsPro Tech theme comes with a bunch of useful built-in widgets, easy widget management, custom typography (both Google and Squirrel fonts are supported), social media buttons.

Focus on typography

Finally, because of the minimalistic look, typography is another crucial element of the flat design. Carefully selected typography creates the style and mood to the site. Titles in the flat design are usually bold and worded efficiently (again, usability over complexity). Here, typography also serves to increase the ease of use and interactivity. Have a look at these amazing flat WordPress theme with a great typography:


Amanda Theme

Amanda is a flat design WordPress theme with a clean and fresh typography (Google font ready). It’s a responsive theme with a unique customizable top area and flexible layout. It comes with a beautifully designed time lines, a lot of icons, and several useful widgets. Amanda theme is retina ready, has a stylish Revolution slider and animated content.


Bluap Theme

Bluap is a responsive flat WordPress theme with an advanced typography and super detailed design. It comes with two menu types – a standard one and a fancy aside menu. Bluap theme also has six different color schemes and twelve background patterns. It features tons of Font Awesome icons, scroll animations, and a stylish price comparison table.


Glider Theme

Glider is a multi-functional flat WordPress theme which allows you to build and organize your content any way you want it to be. It comes with 7 different layouts or you can create a unique one using a very powerful admin panel. Sleek and elegant typography of the Glider theme creates an ultra-modern and professional look. This theme also comes with 5 icon packs, several beautiful sliders and other highly useful plugins for a great customization.

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