Finding the Right WordPress Business Theme to Deliver Your Message

Finding the Right WordPress Business Theme

One of the terrific things about WordPress as a content management system for your website is its high degree of customization capabilities. If you can dream it, you can achieve it with WordPress. This means you can customize the look and feel of your business website down to the smallest detail, including colors, fonts, images, layout, and more. One of the most important things about your website is going to be its theme.

In WordPress, themes are the background images and overall design of the site. They can be free or paid, and come in every conceivable look you can imagine.

To retain customers who visit your site and to give them proper impression of a very professional, competent business, you need to have the right WordPress business theme in place and then customized to your company’s preferred image. Fortunately, this is not difficult to do, and the WordPress platform makes it easy to get the look you want to impress your customers.

Getting Familiar with WordPress

First of all, you must remember that WordPress is, at its very essence, a blogging platform. Of course, with all the tweaks and design changes you can make to it, it can be so much more than that. Many companies use it to build their main websites upon, and the design can look amazing. WordPress does not have to look like a blog. But if you are using it as a blog, then it is likely it is an addition to your company’s main website.

As a blog, your WordPress site will feature updates about your company, new product listings, new additions to your employees, and any other news you feel is of interest to your customers. It’s the place they will go to find out what is going on right now at your company, and this information will help them make buying decisions regarding your products and services.

Finding the Right WordPress Business Theme

When it comes to actually choosing the theme for your site, WordPress offers literally thousands of options. It can actually be overwhelming, so here are some tips to help make the selection of your perfect company blog theme easier:

  1. Search our site (particularly the business themes) to see samples, news and tips about the professional-looking layouts your company needs. There may even be results for your company’s niche (such as WordPress real estate themes). You may find a wonderful theme you ever wanted that you can install on your site right away. Also, go to and do a search for free themes there. Know what you are looking for ahead of time and the official site will be very helpful.
  2. To help narrow down your selection, decide how you will display advertisements on your site. Will you have advertisements in the sidebars, or will that contain contact information? Advertisements are a great way to make money, but they may distract from you. Facebook’s timing to begin advertising illustrates the complexity of possibly allowing advertising to distract from your goal. An appropriate theme can incorporate advertisements while still calling attention to you.
  3. Decide how the theme will let your customer’s find you. Customers want information fast. Depending on your product or service, many customers may just be looking for an address or phone number. Display your contact information so that customers don’t have to find it.
  4. Decide how the theme will let your customer’s easily find what they’re looking for. Your customers come to you for a reason, to do business or find useful information on your business-supported blog. If your website has a unique tool or subscription offer, make those elements the focal point of the homepage. If there will be many pages or categories of products on your website, let the theme prominently display drop-down menus from the top. Think of and give your customers quick links from the homepage to what they want to find right away.
  5. Think about colors, as well. Do you want your site to be clean and clear (meaning mostly all in black and white), or do you have distinctive company colors that you want to incorporate into your site? Your selection of theme should include color considerations, though most WordPress business themes have options to change colors rather easily. The colors present on a page can be tempting to vary, but resist the urge to make your site standout here. Too many colors or overly bright colors can overwhelm, distract and take away from the message you need to deliver.
  6. Do you want to use a free or premium (paid) theme? Free themes are nice, but lots of other people may be using them, too. You want to be able to customize the theme to make it look distinctive. Fewer people are using premium themes, and these can often be customized more than the free ones. You will also not be required to keep a link to the designer’s website in the footer of your website if you use a premium theme, whereas with most free themes, this is a requirement.

The right WordPress business theme is a huge asset to your company’s online image. Choose the right one, customize it to fit your business’s needs, and you can have a professional looking blog for your website that will impress your customers and keep them coming back to see what you’re doing next.

Delivering Your Message to the Customers

Your font needs to convey the professional image you’d like the public to associate with your company. The basic rule is to keep the font clean, crisp, and easy to read.

Also, pay attention to font size. You want your customers to be able tor read your text clearly, so don’t make it too small or too large. Between 12 point and 16 point is a good range to keep font from being sloppy or unreadable.

Fortunately, most WordPress business themes often come with a selection of built-in fonts from which you can choose. Plus, every WordPress installation allows you to customize the size of your fonts, so you should have no difficulty in finding just the right fit of font and font size for your website.

Follow these tips if you want your WordPress theme to accurately reflect the newsworthy aspect of your business while also conveying your company’s overall image clearly and succinctly both in the background and through the text in your blog posts.

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