Download Free WordPress Themes: 20+ Quality Sources to Remember

Download Free WordPress Themes

Nowadays there are a lot of free WordPress themes equal to premium ones. Such free WordPress themes have modern and attractive designs, many functional features, and you do not need to spend anything to get them. Except your time.

Sometimes searching and downloading the right one might seem to last forever. Here we are to assist you and to save some of your precious time. A list of quality sources worth to remember is represented to you.

First, we introduce to you premium WordPress theme creators, which also offer some of their themes for free. The great advantage of getting a free WordPress theme from these websites is that all of their themes are premium quality. Therefore, you can be certain that you will get modern, functional and up-to-date themes. However, in most cases premium WordPress theme creators will offer you only a few WordPress themes for free.

For this reason, we present you another list of websites that create only free WordPress themes. Their collections are significantly larger, often reaching 100 free WordPress themes or even more. The disadvantage would be a lower quality of free themes and common license restrictions.

And finally, if you want a really comprehensive and wide collection of themes to choose from, we listed the best of free WordPress theme galleries. Such websites aggregate free WordPress themes from various sources and present them in one huge list. Sometimes the number of free WordPress themes in these galleries can reach even more than a thousand.

One of the most important things you need to check before you download and start using a free WordPress theme is its license. And precisely a possibility to change or remove pre-installed credit links in the footer. Some of free WordPress theme creators take advantage of their customers and release sponsored themes that do not allow you to change or remove footer credit links.

Such being the case, you may end up having a website, which links to various sites that do not have any relation with you. Others require keeping credit links only to their original sites – attributing the ownership. Eventually there are some free WordPress theme creators that allow you to change their themes anyhow you like.

All the important information regarding credit links is displayed in our lists alongside the source. Also, for your convenience, we indicated the amount of themes you can find using each website. Numbers of free WordPress themes are presented in such intervals: “a few” (meaning less than 10), “more than 10”, “more than 50”, “more than 100”, and “more than 1000” themes.

Premium Theme Developers

Source: Credit Links: # of Free Themes:
Blog Oh Blog A huge collection of free WordPress themes. All themes have a credit link to in the footer; however, it can be removed if you wish.       >50
WooThemes There are some footer links to However, these links can be removed if you wish.       >10
Themify One credit link is included in the footer, but you are free to remove it.      a few
ColorLabs Footer credit links can be removed if you wish.      a few
IDesignEco Free themes are mixed up with premium themes; however, they do have distinguishing marks so this makes them easier to find. Also, a single credit link in the footer can be removed without any restrictions.      a few
WPShower Free themes are mixed up with premium themes without any distinguishing marks, so finding them is a little bit complicated. On the bright side, you are free to change or remove footer credit links.      a few
Templatic You are not allowed to remove the “Design By” or “Free Theme by” credits from the free themes.      a few

Free Theme Developers

Source: Credit Links: # of Free Themes:
Web2Feel Some credit links are included in the footer; however, you can remove them if you wish.      >100
WPExplorer Some themes may include a footer link to Fortunately, these links can be removed or altered.       >10
Site5 There is a single credit link in the footer, but you are free to remove it if you wish.       >10
Way2Zenith The footer is encrypted, and you will not be able to remove or change links properly. However; your website will not stop working if you clear the entire footer file. So you may create your own footer with the desired links.      >100
New WP Themes
All of these websites offer free themes that are sponsored, and contain links in theme footer. If you try changing or removing these links, your website will stop working. However, all of these websites provide an option to buy links-free themes for $19.95 each.      >100
SimpleWPThemes Free themes are sponsored, and you are not allowed to remove or change footer credit links. If you remove the single credit link, your whole website stops working.      >100
Padd Solutions One credit link is included in the footer though if you remove it, your website stops working, and you are presented with the message “Something wrong”.      >100
SkinPress Free themes are released under creative commons license; all links in the footer should remain intact. If you will try to remove the credit links, your website will stop working.      >100
MoonThemes You are not allowed to remove or change pre-installed footer links to and Unless you pay the link removal fee.      a few

Free Theme Galleries

Source: Description: # of Free Themes: Themes Directory An official free themes directory. is Open Source, and all the themes they host here are Open Source. Hence, you are free to change anything you want in these free WordPress themes.     >1000
Themes Junction Directory An enormous gallery of free WordPress themes. However, you are not allowed to remove or change the links given in the footer.     >1000 Directory and search engine for WordPress themes.      >100
Free WordPress theme aggregator.*      >100
TopWPThemes Free WordPress theme aggregator.*      >100

* Licenses of the themes are varying subject to creator. In most cases you will not be allowed to remove or change footer credit links.

Do you know any better free WordPress theme resourses? Or, do you think that something important is missing in these lists? Do not hesitate to share your knowledge in the comment section below. We will amend the lists accordingly.

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