40+ Coming Soon Templates for Projects Under Construction

The project you are currently working on seems to be amazing, but not many people know about it. Just because your site isn’t ready yet, that doesn’t mean your domain can’t be working for you. In 5 minutes you can set up a stylish and effective under construction/coming soon page template to generate interest of your future users and start interacting with them.

Apart from the usual under construction/coming soon text these templates contain progress bar, pie chart or countdown timer to let your visitors know how far along the project is. Buit-in social media interaction keeps your users up to date on your site’s progress. For a few bucks you can get a beautiful and professional-looking template with various colour options, newsletter subscription, Twitter stream, extensive documentation and a lot more.

It would be great if the selection of WordPress under construction templates would be better. Fortunately, there is no need to use them specifically, as WordPress platform doesn’t give any additional functionality to the templates of this nature. Ordinary HTML templates are as functional as WordPress themes, so our list today includes both types.

No. Name WordPress
1. Launch Check Check Check $4
2. Ready2Launch Check Check free
3. Incomplete Check Check $4
4. Animated UC Check Check Check Check $6
5. Anticipate Check Check Check
6. Snapzu Maintenance Check Check Check $6
7. Ethereal Check Check $5
8. Walliness Check Check Check $16
9. Chronos Check Check Check Check $6
10. UC Page Check $8
11. Cool UC Check Check Check Check $8
12. Website CS Check $8
13. SoonSid Check Check Check $4
14. Coming Soon Check Check $6
15. Placeholder Check Check free
16. Prepare for Launch Check Check $5
17. It’s Coming Check Check $5
18. Free Range UC Check Check Check Check $5
19. Clean Countdown Check Check $5
20. Light UC Check Check $4
21. WP Blueprint Check Check free
22. Ajax UC Check Check Check Check $5
23. MeegoApp Check Check Check $6
24. Launch It Check Check Check $6
25. Easy Coming Soon Check $6
26. iConstructive Check $5
27. LauncherX Check $6
28. Coming Soon Dark Check $4
29. Ice Breaker Check free
30. Pie Graph Check Check Check $6
31. SolidForm Check Check Check $6
32. Launching Soon Check $4
33. Circo UC Check $5
34. Custom CS Check Check free
35. Neoteric Check Check $6
36. Vinta SS Check Check $6
37. Fleepy UC Check Check $6
38. MofM CS Check Check $8
39. Park It Check Check $27
40. Sleek UC Check $4
41. Adele Countdown Check Check $4


Launch is a simple but stylish coming soon/under construction page to ensure your site looks brilliant, even when it’s down. Easy to modify countdown timer, working AJAX contact form, three different colour themes, Twitter feed integration, cross-browser integration and more.

Launch Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $4


Ready2Launch is WordPress theme with admin options page, 10 colours and themes to choose from, JS countdown, WordPress 3.0 custom menus, ready to implement mail form and detailed instructions.

Ready2Launch Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: free


Incomplete is an Under Construction Page with advanced features. The layout is based on a color (shared between the main elements) and a separate image pattern. This allows you to customize the page color and background style in few seconds! Optimized for web & iPhone, includes social widget, auto-calculation of % progress and more.

Incomplete Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $4

Animated Under Construction

With this animated template you can tell your visitors that your site is under development, let them know how far along the project is, when the project will launch and allow them contact you. You will make a great impression on visitors while your sites are in the making.

Animated Under Construction Template


  • Both ajax forms are iPhorms – which cost $6, but included free!
  • Clean & simple design, 8 colour schemes to choose from
  • Fully customisable, packed with extensive documentation and comments
  • Works in all major browsers, multi-language UTF-8 ready
  • Form validation & filtering
  • Seamless animations, jQuery effects
Get TemplatePrice: $6


Anticipate is a maintenance mode plugin that allows you to serve your visitors with an alternate “coming soon” page while you work on building your website in the background. Once activated, all of your visitors will be sent to the Anticipate landing page. When logged in as a WordPress Admin, however, your normal theme appears, allowing you to build your website seamlessly in the background.

Anticipate Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $39

Snapzu Maintenance

Under Construction/Maintenance/Holding Page with AJAX newsletter signup, Twitter feed and jQuery countdown timer/progress bar. Includes 7 themes and 6 fonts. High quality, extremely adaptable professional under construction page for a wide range of applications. Keep your users informed and make sure you don’t miss out on customers!

Snapzu Maintenance Under Construction Template


  • Fully functional AJAX (jQuery) newsletter signup form
  • 7 stunning, varied themes and 6 fonts to match your branding
  • jQuery Countdown timer and progress bar
  • Valid (4.01 strict) XHTML, cross-browser CSS support
  • Extremely detailed, easy to follow documentation and well-commented code
  • 16 Full layered PSD and layered PNG files
Get TemplatePrice: $6

Free Under Construction

This template is a simple one page “Under Construction” WordPress theme. It has a nice interface and a great admin panel. You don’t have to modify code because you have all the stuffs inside the admin panel. All you have to do is to copy the theme inside wordpress and activate it and then change the data from the custom admin panel with your data.

Free Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: free


Ethereal – Under Construction is a clean single page “Under Construction” template, designed to keep your users up to date on your sites progress. PSD file included – sliced for easy customization. Valid 1.0 Strict XHTML /CSS template, working AJAX/PHP form, jQuery countdown script and progress bar.

Ethereal Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $5


Walliness is a perfect solution for any site currently under construction or under maintenance. This template comes with nice features like live twitter feeds, newsletter submission form, fully working contact form. It includes 22 different styles and 28 different slide effects, Cufon font replacement and a lot more goodies.

Walliness Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $16


Times of blinking Under Construction GIF files are long gone. Inform your visitors about the launch date, present them with a beautiful countdown and politely ask for their email address, so they can be informed about any news or updates to the site. Gather email addresses and store them in MySQL database or in an XML file. Easily customize all settings in PHP configuration file or simply install Chronos as a WordPress theme.

Chronos Under Construction Template


  • 8 different colours, customizable logo and page title
  • Newsletter form ready to integrate with your favourite email marketing service
  • Customizable header and content areas
  • Display your latest tweet on the page
  • Link to your facebook account
  • Adjustable jQuery countdown & progress bar
  • Well commented clean code
  • Social media interaction
Get TemplatePrice: $6

Under Construction Page

This template is a simple Under Construction page that anybody could use for their website during the construction phase of their website. The template utilises a jQuery countdown which could be set to any date. A simple PHP AJAX form has been included for people to sign up to a mailing list. A custom message can be displayed to either show the progress of the site or inform users of the companies practice. Check it out for many more features.

Under Construction Page Template

Get TemplatePrice: $8

Cool Under Construction

Cool Under Construction is a great looking, advanced speciality page, designed to attract potential users of your future website. Both HTML and WordPress versions included, each in 10 colours. WordPress theme features special option panel for quick and easy setup.

Cool Under Construction Template


  • 10 Colour versions: Blue, Celadon, Dark, Frozen, Gray, Green Lavender, Orange, Red, Yellow.
  • AJAX contact and subscription forms with validation
  • Still great looking and working when javascript is disabled
  • Twitter integration, Cufon font replacement and fancy progress pie
  • Full layered PSDs for all versions
  • Valid xHTML/CSS, well structured and documented
Get TemplatePrice: $8

Website Coming Soon

This template features an incredibly easy to use pie chart, and tools to make sure your website’s coming soon page will look fantastic. Well formated PSDs that make editing a breeze included. Six different colors to choose from. Thorough & interactive documentation.

Website Coming Soon Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $8


SoonSid Under Construction Template


  • jQuery Countdown Timer, jQuery Animated Progress Bar
  • AJAX Email Subscription Form
  • Based on 960 Grid System Framework, Validated as XHTML 1 .0 Transitional
  • 6 Colour Schemes, PSD files included
  • Twitter script for displaying latest tweets
Get TemplatePrice: $4

Coming Soon

This is a slick and easy to use placeholder for your website. The logo is easy to change with your own and setting up the countdown timer as well as the progress bar is a breeze. The progress bar can automatically calculate the completed percentage (after you input the start and finish dates) or you can hardcode the percentage yourself.

Coming Soon Under Construction Template


  • Four separate skins included
  • Working PHP submission form with autoresponder that uses ajax
  • Tableless CSS coding, cross-browser compatible and very stylish
  • Includes all page .psd files with slices
Get TemplatePrice: $6


This theme is perfect if you have a website in development and you simply need to let your visitors know how to get in touch and how long until the site will launch. A countdown timer to let your visitors know when your website will be live, social buttons and simple e-mail op-in form to allow users to follow your progress.

Placeholder Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: free

Prepare for Launch

This Template uses new techniques such as HTML5 and CSS3 for a great user experience. It also contains fallback methods for older browser which don’t support this fancy new stuff. Your customers subscribe automatically to your defined list at Mailchimp or Campaignmonitor. If you don’t need this features you can easily switch it off in the settings. With this template you get a fully layered Photoshop file (.psd) for each version. If you prefer Fireworks it includes the same files as layered png.

Prepare for Launch Under Construction Template


  • Countdown, progress bar and ajax e-mail form
  • Cufón Font Replacement to include modern fonts across all the browsers.
  • Email subscription without database
  • Campaign monitor integration
  • Free fonts used, so any further cost for expensive fonts
  • 16 Full layered PSD and layered PNG files
Get TemplatePrice: $5

It's Coming

This template does not include a newsletter system connected to the form, this is purely a HTML /CSS template and it is your responsibility to hook the form up to a service such as mailchimp or a custom newsletter system. Template features beautiful and professional looking design, 8 colour options, nifty animated progress slider, Twitter stream and a lot more.

It's Coming Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $5

Free Range Under Construction

If your site is under construction or development is in progress what better way to keep them in the loop with a clean and simple coming soon template like this one. With this template you can indicate the progress of your project with the animated progress bar, show your latest Twitter posts and have a launch date for the project. You can also choose from 5 colour schemes. The template is easy to use and edit, the Twitter bar can easily be removed in two quick steps if you do not tweet.

Free Range Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $5

Clean Countdown

This is a clean and stylish theme for “coming soon” / “construction” page. It shows days, hours, minutes and seconds left to a specific event. Show your progress trough a progress bar and give the user feedback about the progress made. The file includes a basic version in six different colors as well as two bonus versions and a shiny version in three different colors.

Clean Countdown Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $5

Light Under Construction

Light Under Construction Template


  • Awesome paper theme with PSD file included
  • Valid HTML, clean coding and extensive documentation
  • Super easy to setup and customize
  • jQuery countdown, Twitter integration
Get TemplatePrice: $4

WP Blueprint

It’s a simple domain parking WordPress theme for your upcoming projects so you just need to install it, and configure it just in a few minutes. Once your project is ready, switch to your final/default Theme and start blogging. It includes theme options page with countdown manager and feedburner integration.

WP Blueprint Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: free

Ajax Under Construction

This is powerful under construction/holding page with Ajax newsletter sign-up and contact forms, Twitter feed, countdown timer, progress bar and Coda slider. This item also can be used as site down/maintenance page. The package contains HTML template and WordPress theme (with nice theme settings panel). Extensive documentation is included. Any of the main features can be easily disabled if you don’t need them.

Ajax Under Construction Template


  • 2 in 1 package (HTML template & WordPress theme)
  • Coda slider, Cufon headers, jQuery progress bar and countdown timer
  • 5 color schemes (blue, green, red, orange, purple)
  • AJAX newsletter sign-up form, contact form with validation
  • PSD files and extensive documentation included
Get TemplatePrice: $5


MeegoApp Under Construction Template


  • Valid XHTML , 5 color schemes, Fontface
  • Newsletter subscription form, working contact form, countdown script
  • Twitter Integration to show your latest tweet, social icons
  • Labelled and layered PSDs, full documentation
Get TemplatePrice: $6


LaunchIt is an “Under Construction Template” inspired by Apple’s simple and sleek website. The template is easy to edit and comes in 2 different styles – black and white. Each style has 4 colours (blue, pink, green & red). When you purchase this template you get a 3 for 1 value. You get a Joomla and a WordPress version of the template as bonus.

LaunchIt Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $6

Easy Coming Soon

Easy Coming Soon is an easy and flexible under construction page that will easily let you define your upcoming website and represent it’s current status, supported by a nice looking easily editable pie chart, and ajaxed mailing-list form to keep your visitors up to date.

Easy Coming Soon Under Construction Template


  • 10 color variations, PNG transparency fixed, Valid XHTML 1 .0 Transitional/CSS
  • Working ajax newsletter form. Requires PHP support
  • Supports all major browsers: Firefox, IE6 , 7, 8, Safari 3, 4, Chrome, Opera 9, 10
  • Pie Chart from 0-100% in 10% increments, easy to use. Fully layered PSD file included
  • Cufon Font Replacement (download link to the free font is included in the documentation)
  • Exclusive Social networking icons that match the theme
Get TemplatePrice: $6


iConstructive is a simple under construction page, with 5 background options to choose from, which allow visitors to view portfolio (using Cu3er), subscribe to newsletter and know how long before website actually goes live. You get jQuery countdown plugin, CU3ER flash image rotator, HTML template with 5 background options, layered PSD with groups and bonus background.

iConstuctive Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $5


LauncherX is the premium Ajax based countdown template designed for temporary usage until the main site is under construction. It comes with awesome animated clock with a countdown to the grand opening date, brief information about the main site (or company) and Ajax Contact form with validation. Smooth and good looking animation and Ajax features of this template made with the JavaScript jQuery library.

LauncherX Under Construction Template


  • Awesome animation without Flash, powered with jQuery
  • Easy to use Popup Engine with any HTML content inside
  • Validates with HTML5 Doctype, 100% tableless CSS, great browser compatibility
  • Ajax contact form with validation
  • Comes with 3 color themes and 2 clock skins
Get TemplatePrice: $6

Coming Soon Dark

Coming Soon project is a under construction or under maintenance page with an admin panel to manage all your notification subcriptions. The project has two folders “cs_public” and “cs_admin”. The first one contains the public template for your visitors who can subscribe to be notified and check out latest Tweets from Twitter. The second one contains an admin panel that allows you to view and delete your subscriptions and also export all member information in a CSV file.

Coming Soon Dark Under Construction Template


  • 2 different clean color styles: light and dark
  • Ajax notify me form, MySQL subscriptions
  • Admin panel, ability to export members in CSV file
  • Ready in few easy steps, works with modern browsers
Get TemplatePrice: $4

Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker is a free domain parking theme for WordPress with four different color schemes, and easy customization through custom widgets and a theme options page. With this theme, along with WordPress and a FeedBurner account, you can have an attractive landing page to collect subscribers and Twitter followers while you get your blog set up.

Ice Breaker Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: free

Pie Graph

Make sure your visitors know whats going on with this Under construction site template that features a feed of your latest tweets (which can be easily removed if you dont use twitter) and a pie chart that is easy to change to reflect your progress!

Pie Graph Under Construction Template


  • 9 different progress stages for the pie graph (10%, 20% etc…)
  • Very easy to set up twitter feed
  • Extensive documentation provided in clear format
  • Works in as many browsers you can imagine
  • All .psd files included
Get TemplatePrice: $6


SolidForm Under Construction Template


  • 7 Color themes included: blue, dark blue, red, orange, silver, green, and yellow
  • Easy to add/create your own themes
  • Easily make changes through the use of a configuration file
  • Your users can enter their email address to get updates
  • Fully functional AJAX contact form
  • Progress bar & “What we are working on” text
Get TemplatePrice: $6

Launching Soon

Launching Soon is an under construction template/theme or coming soon page which includes a desktop browser version as well as a mobile browser version. It may be especially useful for those who own a .mobi domain and have yet to develop a site for it OR for those who have a mobile focused site in the works and require an under construction and e-mail notification page.

Launching Soon Under Construction Template


  • Fully functional Ajax e-mail subscription form – no need for mysql database
  • Multiple mobile browser detection scripts to choose from
  • Complete PSD ’s included
  • E-mail notification for new subscribers
  • Animated progress bar, countdown timer alternative
  • CUFON Font Replacement
Get TemplatePrice: $4

Circo Under Construction

This HTML Page is a fixed layout. This HTML page is so simple and easy to setup for your under-construction page or Site Down page or maintenance page. This can be used for new domain to keep the under construction page and for the websites which are down for maintenance as well. Easy to use and changing fonts are also easy. Easy to change the time as well.

Circo Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $5

Custom Coming Soon

Custom Coming Soon Pages WordPress Plugin allows you to display a customized coming soon page or under construction page to regular visitors of your WordPress based website or Blog – while the Site Administrators see the fully functional website with the applied theme and active plugins as well as a fully functional Dashboard.

Custom Coming Soon Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: free


Neoteric is a clean single page “Under Construction/Coming Soon” template in 10 SKINS designed to keep your users up to date on your site’s progress. PSD ’s for each color (Main Layout, Logo Placeholder, Pie Chart) – well labled with layer styles used throughout! Valid 1.0 Strict XHTML /CSS Template. Working PHP Form with Validation. Extensive Documentation.

Neoteric Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $6

Vinta SS

Vinta SS is a simple one page “Under Construction” template that allows you to keep your users informed while you are building a new website. This html template will allow you to quickly and easily create a landing page on a new domain or website project that tells the visitors what is going on and when the site will be completed.

Vinta SS Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $6


Fleepy Under Construction Theme with Countdown includes HTML & WordPress versions, theme options panel for WordPress. You can choose from 5 colors (Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow), make use of working contact form and newsletter subscription form, set countdown script for the due date of the opening. You get help documentations, layered and easily customizable PSDs.

Fleepy Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $6

MofM Coming Soon

MofM Coming Soon theme is stylish and clean launching theme for WordPress users. It offers two color schemes, jquery countdown, email subscriptions via feedburner, links to the profiles on the most popular social networking websites as well as custom logo image. All these features are easily customizable through the back-end options panel.

MofM Coming Soon Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $8

Park It

Premium WordPress Theme from Solostream. Everything you need to make a professional, beautiful looking “coming soon” landing page is right here packaged in an incredibly easy to use theme! WordPress 3.1+ compatible, simple single-page layout, theme options panel. No need for any external html editor. Collect and export emails to a .csv file in the theme options panel so you can easily import it into your favorite email software.

Park It Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $27

Sleek Under Construction

Sleek Under Construction Theme is a simple and clean under construction – coming soon html website template. It is perfect for sites that go under construction or will be opened soon. It shows a countdown timer to a specific date. Super clean and modern design, fully working PHP and Ajax validation contact form, custom written countdown.

Sleek Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $4

Adele Countdown

The “Adele” under construction theme got a countdown and a progress bar, which you can both configure. It’s easy to configure and well documented. An image slider in the background performs an stunning fade effect. 3 Styles included.

Adele Countdown Under Construction Template

Get TemplatePrice: $4

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