Climb Up Social Media Ladders Over Night with Top-Rated Social Locker Plugins

Top-Rated Social Locker Plugins

What will happen if you can make your visitors compulsive to share your content on social media before reading? What will happen if you begin earning the followers with every visit at your website? Well, you will certainly love such consequences and every website manager will do. Fortunately, it is possible if you are using WordPress and possess some passion to bring traffic on your website. This will help you in driving traffic to your social media accounts via your website. Here are five top rated social locker plugins for adding this feature in your website. On successful installation, your readers will have to share your posts before reaching on the textual contents.

Tweet to Unlock

Tweet to Unlock Plugin

Available at the cost of $10, it is an interesting plugin to increase the social media visibility of your blog posts. Post installation of this plugin, your online visitors will meet with a pop up before reaching on real contents. The pop up will ask them to pass a tweet from their account to unlock the contents. It comes with a close button to let the readers read contents without tweeting if they do not want to tweet. More »

Facebook Viral Content Locker

2.	Facebook Viral Content Locker Plugin

You just need to add this plugin in your website to increase the likes and followers at your Facebook site rapidly. It is available at the cost of $12 per user. With this tool, you can lock any kind of contents of your website. You just need to put the bar on contents that worth unlocking because the contents of less quality will eventually irritate your readers and make them less interesting in unlocking the contents on your website further. More »

Google + Content Locker

Google+ Content Locker Plugin

Like previously two plugins, it is dedicated to a certain social networking tool. You can increase the reputation of your website on Google+. It will be a simple addition in your website. You just need to pay $7 to get this tool. Further, it wraps up a website in a pop up and asks the reader to give +1 rating to your post at G+. Additionally, it also gives the option to wait for 30 second to avoid giving rating. More »

Share Locker

Share Locker

With this tool, you can counter both leading social media networks called Facebook and Twitter. You just need to install this tool in your website to make your posts viral in a quick manner. More »

Subscribe to Unlock

Subscribe to Unlock

If you are looking for a plugin, which can increase the overall subscribers of your website then this is the best available plugins over web. You just need to make pay $14 to get this plugin. More »

All of these social locker plugins and tools are perfect in nature so you just need to pick the best out of all these five plugins.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this list of plugins. Would be nice to try but how do these locks affect SEO? Is the full content text also locked for search bots?


    1. Hi John,

      Most of these plugins are for the purpose of locking down the download link, while everything else remains intact. It mean that the content is available for robots

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