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  1. sawebdesigns

    great collection thanks

  2. Nevis1

    Great collection. I am currently writing an Interior Design for a friend of mine…she knows nothing about WordPress, and I know nothing about Interior Design. I sent her this page, and she can choose. Sure will make my job easier!

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Thanks Nevis1, let’s hope your friend will find something suitable within this list ;)

  3. vietnam accommodation

    have bought a temp is wonderful, but I want to add or correct then how?
    how much price?

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      You should contact theme author, I think it’s the best thing to do

  4. Interior Design UAE

    Excellent stuff from you,I adore what you have got right here. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart. This is truly a great blog thanks for sharing…

  5. Will

    As I was looking over your inventory (Very Nice Design) I have a question, these look terrific but are they SEO Optimized at all? it seems the placement of the text is not in the most productive places? Please don’t take offense, I love your work and looking to purchase one.

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Personally, I think that robots are smart enough to identify the position of the content in every theme that keeps up with the modern web standards.

      Of course, it is always recommended to bring the text in front, but it is far more important to optimize the text itself, provide useful information, craft the headings thoroughly and get it shared.

      That’s how I understand the process of getting high SEO rankings.

  6. Webbyrå Göteborg

    Is it me or do most of them fell stereotypical?

  7. Sofamart

    I love this design it easy to view. Is it support with wordpress 2.9.2 ?

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Well, it does support WP 2.9.2, but you should consider updating your WP core to the current version, because you might encounter some compatibility and vulnerability issues in future.

  8. Abhilasha Begani

    great collection really… it really helped me a lot… thanks :)

  9. serkan

    Nice themes

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