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  1. Eric

    I’m looking for a real estate theme. Do you have any suggestions, free or otherwise? I’m stuck!

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Hi Eric, welcome to WPDressing. There are many premium real estate themes out there and maybe a few freemium as well. Before I could make you a proper suggestion, what are your requirements for a real estate theme? Contact me via twitter or use contact form on the sidebar, I would be glad to help you.

  2. Eric

    This is my first WP site. I have no idea how to answer that. I don’t know what I need or don’t need. I guess that’s the problem.

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Yes, it’s a bit tricky to choose the very first WordPress Theme, because there are still lots of things to learn about the platform itself and you don’t know exactly what you need.

      It’s also difficult to make some kind of suggestions. I would say, you just have to start playing with free WP themes and state your requirements on the way.

      If you have quality content, quality photos and tempting descriptions, any minimalistic theme can easily suit your needs. If there is not so many content, you probably need a theme with some elegant, niche-related design elements.

      WordPress Themes are getting more and more powerful in these days, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are getting more complex as well, because developers concentrate a lot on flexibility and user-friendly experience. If you like DIY attitude, choose a flexible one.

      Hope that helps a little ;)

  3. abdullah turhan

    Thank you Paulius! There are Wonderful Free themes!

  4. dumazz

    I thank you for the extensive list of templates for WordPress

  5. logo development

    Thanks for the useful collection! Most of them are really good and equivalent to premium themes.

  6. Nemak

    Hello Eric,

    love your selection.

    I have to make for a client of mine a very elegant theme for news related to the luxury industry.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    i was looking for the magnificent theme of the eleganthemes.com

    any idea similar to it?

    Thanks and great selection.

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      I guess your questions were addressed to me, Nemak? :) In my opinion, “Magnificent” wouldn’t be the best choice for luxury lifestyle related site, because of the light background, inadequate variety of colors and even the layout itself. I think, green is never used for a luxury site and images should be more important than that :)

      I might be entirely wrong, have you discussed the colors with your client? In most cases, dark background is used in luxury web design, with some luxury gradients, patterns or brushes. A bit of gold, red or azure is also used for decorating links, post titles, etc.

      Of course, there are always some very nice alternative designs that just look great, yours might be one of them. Good luck!

  7. enursa

    Really elegant free themes. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. SM Web Design

    This is a great list, thanks for taking the time to put it together. I definfitely think I’ll be finding a use for the Blossomsoft theme.

    Thanks again

  9. Jasa Desain Grafis

    thank’s for this collection friends!

  10. Jenni

    Wow, thank you so much Paulius, for adding my free theme in your collection.

    In the future, I’ll create more free theme like this for WP community.

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      We are all anxiously waiting for more quality themes from you Jenni. Good Luck!

  11. SM Web Design

    Traction no longer appears to be free, shame!


    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Well, it has a free version with the same design and layout, but significantly less features than pro. You won’t get support and access to the tutorials, but the theme itself is fully functional :)

  12. Sean

    Thanks Paulius, This is a tasteful collection. I am right now deciding the theme for my new personal blog and this takes much further than I was. Paul you seem to have experience in WP (I’ve always been a Joomla developer so far) can you help me out with a small issue. I’ve got this awesome theme called Glider by Elegant themes and am trying to figure out a way of using custom menus in it. This in WP are not as straight-forward as in Joomla at least to me…I like how this theme looks but its features are frustratingly limited. All I want is to be able to have 2 separate categories of blog but haven’t been able to achieve it yet. Using a custom menu could do it but this theme apparently has no support for it. Can you suggest any modification or hack for it ?

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Hey Sean :) WordPress is very straightforward, you just need a bit of time and experience to get used to it. I was a Joomla user before and I must say that it is a lot more flexible with all those administrative features. However, I was never happy with Joomlas graphic interface and WYSIWYG editor was also a nightmare, so I switched to WordPress without turning back :)

      If you bought something from ElegantThemes, you are entitled to get professional support from their team. It is not a major issue you’ve got here, so I think it would be solved the same day. Try ElegantThemes support forums first @ https://www.elegantthemes.com/forum/ . There’s a chance that your problem was already discussed under “Glider” theme subforum. On the other hand, it seems that you are using an outdated version of Glider Theme, because, ElegantThemes claims that Glider is WordPress 3.0 compatible, or if it is not, you can get your money back :)

  13. Rachel Ray Pots Pans

    This was a great post. I too have noticed that themes are a pain. In case anyone doesn’t know how to do it you can use TAC to check your themes. I personally do not use a theme with any base64 as it is a threat and I am not willing to open my blogs to this.

  14. Sajjad Bhatti

    This is the best collection of free and nice themes. I have applied Abtley on http://www.bollywoodunya.com , Please have a look. Thanks

  15. Jeux de cuisine

    Thanks a lot for this great list… I found THE one ;)

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      It’s good to know, good luck!

  16. ceren

    Thanks! Great work! I’ll use some of them :)

  17. Rusydi

    Nice share. Thankyou :)

  18. ajurNA

    themes are elegant, i like it

  19. Panos

    I really like your selections. Thank you for sharing

  20. yesureadmin

    it’s good download!! thanks

  21. How Tips

    Great list dude… i Love it…

  22. Rafa Olivarría

    Hi Paulius amazing post!

    Im looking for a nice theme for a Yoga Studio that enables me to use schedule tables, galleries, blog entries etc… any suggestions?? Thank you!!

  23. redes sociales

    wonderful themes, thanks!

  24. abhi

    Cool collection need one of those themes for my website. So i will pick up one of these. Thanks for the post.

  25. DRG

    Best collection of themes…! really loved it…!

  26. Bisnis Hari Ini

    Nice theme,
    I want academica theme
    3 Colum so ferfect

  27. ImageDirect

    Nice collection. I found some great themes for my site about herbalife

  28. darlingblogs

    This is definitely one of the nicest lists of free themes i’ve seen out there. A lot of the free lists, like you said, are usually crap themes but most of these are really striking. I use Bueno already and it’s a great theme, but I am a bit partial to WooThemes anyway ;)
    Thanks again for sharing!

  29. Nadiar

    WOW, thanks for suggestion.. those are great themes… I’m confused what to chooz.

  30. stormy

    Nice themes. My favourite is AllTuts, but dropdown menu is not working. I tried to add subcategories in menu but it doesn’t show. Can anyone help?

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Hi stormy, have you tried contacting site5? It’s written that AllTuts does include WordPress 3.0 Menu Management and if it’s not working properly they should be interested in solving this issue

      • stormy

        I reinstalled WordPress and now it works fine.

  31. Kim

    Hi Paulius,

    Great list — thank you for sharing it. I’m launching a freelance writing business and need to get a website up. The site will be fairly simple with a home page, about page, writing samples, services offered, and contact page (I will eventually add a blog, too). I’m completely new to WordPress and have no knowledge of coding, web design, etc. Which of the above themes (or possibly a theme not on this list) would you recommend? Ideally it would be minimalist, interesting, easy to use, and free.

    Someone told me that WordPress’s default theme, 2011, is great for beginners, optimized for mobile viewing, etc. Do you agree?

    Thank you!

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Personally I’m a huge fan of Skeleton Plus theme. If you are looking for a free business theme, that would also be minimalist and functional, Skeleton is a good choice. Feel free to study more about it.

      Remember that WordPress is originally a blog platform. The vast majority of paid and free WordPress themes retain a blog feature as the main type of publishing content. WordPress’s default theme is great for beginners, but it is oriented to basic blogging. I think that it is not suitable for advertising services and stuff.

  32. Meghan

    Hi. I’m searching for a free wordpress template for a “giving circle” that will be private – password protected. It will be the website for folks to visit and make donations (sort of a step before I get up the nerve to start a non-profit). I want to be able to have a donation page, a page to design a form for donations (with all sorts of line items), photos, information, maybe video… also a link to a blog. do you have any recommendations?

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Hi Meghan, you have very specific demands for a free WordPress theme. I think it would be very difficult to find one to suit your needs. You should browse WordPress Plugin Directory and find out if plugins could cover those features that a free template is lacking :)

  33. luis

    owww…. my god…! this is THE POST of my WP LIFE, tks so much…

  34. Anom Harya Wicaksana

    Hi, thanks for your share. I want to use one of the WP themes which you share in this article. Keep sharing :)

  35. Arnaud

    Hi Paulius,
    Very nice selection. I am new to WP and try to build up a first web site on WP, and despite it highlights more blogging functions, I would like to make a try on Temple Gate. It is written on the lotusdesign blog that the download is directly on the demo itself, but I can’t find anywhere to download the full theme from there (and I can’t leave any comment on the post of lotusdesign where comments are closed on that matter). Any clue on what I missed?

  36. Firda

    Wow this is super cool WP themes collection..

    i want Imbalance Themes, maybe i want to buy those themes

    Thanks for great post

  37. Roes Wibowo

    What a great post! That’s all totally free and nice design. Thank you for the information.

  38. Solly Keane

    I like academia and nublu theme, Thank you for sharing it :)

  39. Marcin Białasek

    Wow, there are many similar post on this subject, but this is particularly valuable. thank you very much

  40. Mihai

    Wow what a nice collection.

  41. Donny

    Thank you for the amazing template collection, will definitely pick and use one of them.

  42. Peter

    Thanks that you for sharing this great collection!
    It has inspired me, great design which I am going to use for my personal website! thanks a lot!

  43. Tragus Piercing Pain

    I like academia and nublu theme

  44. Rahoon

    Hi, I am looking to create a new website and for that purpose I really need a very effective theme. I don’t have funds to buy so I am looking to grab a free one. Your website states free wp themes but no matter which theme I click, it asks for money. Can you tell me if these are free, how to download them?
    Kindly reply me back at my email if possible.

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Hi Rahoon, which theme are you interested in? All of these themes are free or have a lite version for download.

  45. Decent Boy

    amazing themes………Thanx 4 the sharing

  46. J. Veda

    Hi Paulius,

    Thanks for all the great free themes. I have been trying to install theProton theme for the longest while now on WordPress. I am a novice so you can imagine my frustration. I have scoured the web for help and many people seem to be having the same problems as I do. The interesting thing I find is that the Theme Author Jenni thanked you for promoting her theme, however she is remiss in giving clear and concise installation instructions and responding to the many issues. This is my issue you can check it out at http://www.mystylelavie.com and see that my site looks nothing like the demo. After the theme is installed, the navigation menu is not visible. When I try a custom menu from WordPress only certain areas work such as the footer. Please can you help me figure out what I’m doing wrong. My head is about to explode. Thanks.

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Hi J.Veda, thanks for letting us know about the issues you have with this theme. I’ve just checked the Proton theme and the package has a demo site with dummy content. Have you tried to install it? If it does look good, then you can easily investigate what are the settings for that demo and repeat those for your own site.

  47. Sk

    Great list! Thanks for making it.

  48. LatesTips.Com

    This is definitely one of the nicest lists..
    thanks for your share..

  49. Henman

    Thanks Paulius! I looove the Panoramica and Beauty & Clean themes. Ahhhh, like a breath of fresh air!

  50. Darius

    Great collection, Paulius! Well done! I found some fresh ideas for my new site here.

  51. Gaurang Joshi

    Huge collection of awesome themes. Thanks for sharing it.

  52. Patrik

    Love the balloons! =) Thanks!

  53. Free iPhone Apps

    Rasytinis Thanks for sharing All the themes are really user friendly and eye catching. especially Apps oriented..

  54. Wiweb

    Great collection of beautiful and free themes. Thanks for sharing.

    I like widely!

  55. Sarah

    Thanks for the above – I think I’ve found the perfect new theme for my personal blog, Find My Happy :-)

  56. BlogGirl

    Best Themes Compilation I saw. I really love simple and minimal layouts. Thank you!

  57. Cobi

    Can you recommend other theme for non-profit organization, aside from the first one? thanks. Your reply is much appreciated.

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Foundation is simply the best looking free WordPress theme, designed specifically for non-profit organizations. There’s another great theme for the purpose called Danko

  58. rood

    Great collection! Thanks for sharing. I use boldy

  59. Matt

    I am in the process of beginning my site and have considered purchasing themes and of course using the free ones. I honestly have not found a more professional collection of FREE themes, this is wonderful. Since I am still a beginner, my question would pertain to plugins and stuff like that. I plan to sell luggage tags and would need to put some samples to choose from on multiple pages. I really like the designs of Gridly and Danoska. Do you think I would be able to add the purchasing plugins to these themes without any problems or do you suggest another? Thank you for the site.

  60. Çağrı Mustafa Alkan

    Great themes! And free :) Thank you for this wonderfull themes.

  61. Carolinedesign

    Thank you so much for this selection! This is just perfect!! :)

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