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  1. Darren

    Nice compilation of theme but all the templatic themes are full bugs and their support is worst ever plus their approach to their customer is extremely horrifying.

    They cheats their customer and have copied theme code from other theme developer.

    They misled their club members that they will provide 2 themes per month and after few months they went back from their words and declared that they would release only 1 theme per month.

    Which means a member ends up getting only 12 themes a year instead of 24 themes and that too at same price.

    They have no professional support person either who can assist you after your purchase.

    Buyers, beware of such scamsters.

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Thank you for your opinion Darren. I have seen many similar comments within the community and I’m a bit suprised that Templatic team members do not defend their business against such statements.

      I’ve already noticed their reluctance to learn the language, but I not entitled to say anything about their approach to a client, because I’m not their customer yet.

      Anyway, the situation is a matter of great concern, so one day I will examine their service by myself.

  2. Lee

    We’ve been developing an ecommerce plugin for WordPress so that you can turn virtually any theme into an ecommerce theme. For example, we actually used to use a theme from Elegant Themes to sell our plugin. Basically all you need to do is drop an add to cart shortcode anywhere on your site and Cart66 provides the shopping cart/checkout ecommerce functionality. Check it out at http://cart66.com

  3. wordpress themes

    Wonderful and excellent themes! Very classy. These are really great looking, well designed themes and best for online stores. Thanks for sharing a lot.

  4. Joe

    I am disappointed. The “free” templates you have listed are not free at all. They are diluted versions of a true commercial theme and lack necessary components. On top of that, the links to actually download these free templates are disabled so that it is no longer available for “free”. Considering your article is still fairly recent it is disappointing that the facts are misleading.

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Hey Joe, I believe I understand your frustration regarding the functionality of free WordPress eCommerce themes. It has always been this way that free WordPress themes are often limited to their features, especially when they are created by premium marketplace owners. On one part it’s a natural thing to receive a free sample, not the whole product, just like in the “real world”, right?

      If developers suddenly decide to remove a free download license on some certain themes within their marketplaces, that also makes me mad, because in my opinion it’s unethical move and seems like a well planned link building strategy. They certainly know, that all the link juice in such websites as WDP remain untouched, at least for a while.

      However, it’s not the case today, because Tokokoo are still offering the lite version of those listed themes free of charge. I’m not sure why do you find the facts misleading.

  5. Ejaz

    These are excellent themes no doubt, one thing I want to know is that is there any recommendation for the best shopping cart, which can be added with them. I intend purchasing one of them but since I am new I want a theme which can be easily integrated into the themes. Please refer me to any post or advise. Thanks and cheers.

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Hi Ejaz. Most of the themes within this list have a shopping cart pre-installed and you can use them out of the box. I’m also currently working on WordPress eCommerce plugins article, so stay tuned if you would like to know more about the options you have.

  6. photovideoart

    I personally use the WP Store theme for one of my projects and happy with it. Anyway, may thanks to author for sharing this very useful information with us.

  7. graham

    i do like the look and feel of the clothes shop theme. thanks for posting these themes otherwise i may not off come across the clothes shop theme this will be perfect for the boutique shop of my client. my client will be thrilled with this.. hopefully!!
    many thanks graham

  8. Pali Madra

    Thank you for the list of WordPress themes for shopping carts.

    For me except the velvet sky all the other themes are not free though indicated otherwise. Is there something wrong that I’m doing? Please let me know.

  9. Joe


    Do you know any wordpress ecommerce simple plugin? i.e instead of taking the customers to payment processor we can redirect them to inquiry form.


    • Paulius Rasytinis

      In such case, you can use a very basic method of directing your visitors from a product page to the custom inquiry form. No need to use a complex WordPress eCommerce plugin if you want to have a small scale website without the actual payment system.

  10. Mike Pesa

    I love the ShopperPress theme. It combines ease of use and outlook, according to the demo on the Coder’s site. However I need to know how to add a slide on the homepage, if it is possible that is, before I purchase it. Thanks Paulius Rasytinis in advance!

  11. 1Designs

    Wonderful list, I started to use the theme estore and it’s surprisely easy to customize.

  12. Trevor Mack

    Templatic is the worst business ever, horrible customer service, horrible theme functionality. They are crooks. I hope karma bites them in the a$$ for how they rob people. Someone needs to put an end tho them. They just cost me a ton wasted time and money. Please avoid giving them any business at all cost.

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