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  1. Marcell Purham

    Very good roundup of music wordpress themes. Thanks for using my fuse music theme! :)

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Nice theme Marcell. Keep it up!

  2. inspirationfeed

    Awesome collection!

  3. Billy-Shane

    Awesome list. I’ve been looking at band themes for the longest time and you still found some I’d never heard of :)

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Great, thanks. That’s exactly what I’m here for, to dig out fresh, popular and unheard-of :)

      • Billy-Shane

        Wicked. And thanks for using our Dark ‘n Gritty theme! That’s how I stumbled upon the post :)

  4. Nikunj

    Super cool themes, nice design will get some good inspiration from it about designing my music blog.

  5. Alex

    Wow! What a great list you’ve got here! I’ve been putting together my own list of band themes too and you’ve inspired me to go hunting for some more. Take a look at it if you get time: http://www.101bestwordpressthemes.com/blog/music-wordpress-themes.html

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      I must say your list is as good as mine :) Actually, it wasn’t easy this time, because there are not so many themes designed specifically for bands. I’ve decided to include some modern multi-purpose themes that I’ve seen as perfect starting point in a process of converting them into themes for musicians.

      If you hunt down something fabulous, tell me about it :) I’m updating my posts once in a while

  6. SitePunk

    Awesome collection. Thanks for sharing. I like “Simpro” the most!

  7. BFINtal author of Cubed

    Nice collection and it’s awesome that you placed my theme Cubed in your list. Thanks!

  8. Billy-Shane

    We’ve released a brand new theme called “the Grammy” and we’ve revamped our Dark N Gritty theme (Dark N Gritty 2.0). Check ‘em out!

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      Very well, I will update the post later this week ;)

      • Billy-Shane

        Awesome. Thanks Paulius!

  9. Tom

    Hi, just though I’d let you know that we have a WP theme created just for bands, and out of the 17 possible color schemes, several are dark :-)

    It would be great if you would add us to your list, we worked hard to make our theme one of the best choices for upcoming bands: http://www.mybandtheme.com

    Thanks in advance!

  10. Mark

    It’s great to see some dark themes, and I just wanted to say that it’s not only bands that might want dark themes. I run a blog about glow sticks and because they are night time products, it’s kind of industry standard for sites to be dark! and I’m sure there are many other industries that have this kind of colour scheme bias.

    • Paulius Rasytinis

      I agree with you Mark. The color tone of the theme doesn’t necessarily have to determine the business that it is suitable for, because dark themes are often as powerful and versatile as any other themes.

  11. Billy-Shane

    Wiicked thanks for getting the Grammy up there :)

  12. Marcell

    Hey there Paulius. Just wanted to let you know fuse music has moved to http://cell-designs.com/marketplace/fuse-music-wordpress-theme-customizable/

  13. Rojnet

    rock rap wp themes very nice

  14. Antonios

    Hi guys, i like very much the wordpress themes for bands and musicians, 2 of my favorites its the grammy theme and the magnifico, i will prepare also a good like this one in 10 days to my website, feel free to visit and comment on the themes.

  15. Shai

    Inspiring work out there. Music themes are underrated because there is so much functionality needed. Most of the examples above are great unions of form and function.

  16. musician

    All themes are great but I’ve chose Unsigned from: http://wpdressing.com/go/unsigned/ and I’m very satisfied. I highly recommend this to all musicians.

  17. Adelaide Anders

    Very good list! I like the “Backstage” theme…. It has everything I was looking for!

  18. Jared

    Thanks for updating the list with our latest theme Paulius. We’ve been hearing a lot of great feedback about Dark N Gritty Evolved, we’re always happy to improve our themes for 2014 :)

  19. Robert Gavick

    Great list. Thank you so much for including our theme. (RockWall)

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